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Congratulations to the team at Related Inc – awarded two category wins this year. We speak to Rabih Farhat, Founder & Managing Partner about securing the much coveted Best Technology Provider or Solution category.

Is there anyone you would like to single out for recognition for their contribution to the award?

Human Capital is a key driver for the success and innovation in our business. We believe that our collective effort got us where we are today. Embracing our company culture makes each one of us feel needed for the growth of our business. A special thanks goes to our back office fighters who have pulled many long working hours to ensure we deliver what is promised, with highest quality assurance, perfection and passion.

How did the client contribute to the winning of this award?

Our vision at Related Inc. would not have become reality without the huge commitment and active contribution from our clients. They played an active role in facilitating the processes for us which has allowed us to implement our solutions more smoothly and effectively.

What was the key element that made your programme successful?

We know that data is the new oil, and today we’ve been investing a lot to capture real-time customer data that is mainly floating on all digital channels. These efforts are made not only to identify a historical customer pattern, but also to predict a future customer behavior and offer rewards accordingly.

What is the biggest lesson you learned through running your programme?

Consumers’ needs are changing on the fly, from a pre-pandemic physical experience to a post-pandemic digital one. We need to always be agile and ready to answer the consumer’s needs in the most innovative way. Customer experience remains a cornerstone for the continuous success of any rewards program and the main driving force behind creating an enduring loyalty.


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