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Congratulations to the team at CR Worldwide for securing two winning categories at the 2020 Incentive Awards. We chat to CEO David Gould about their winning Reward & Recognition programme with their  client BetVictor.

Is there anyone you would like to single out for recognition for their contribution to the award?

Winning this award is testament to the collaborative team effort from both CR and BetVictor. BetVictor were willing to try something new, to change their business model and create a brand-new company culture. This, along with having key stakeholders that are at the helm internally, driving the programme from within the business, has proven incredibly beneficial.

CR’s contribution is having a grasp and exact understanding of the business requirements and long-term objectives from the start. Resulting in building a programme that fits the brief and drives outstanding business results. 

How did the client contribute to the winning of this award?

BetVictor are a hands-on client, with a passion to making a change, which helps massively.

There’s continuous momentum and desire to keep the programme moving. The BetVictor team can make a real impact, by enabling staff feedback and achievements to be provided in real-time. The quick response to the peer nominations or suggestions from the BetVictor stakeholders, allows employees to be recognised for their performance immediately. Which in turn promotes positive behaviour and high satisfaction and appreciation amongst staff. And results in great performance against objectives, that we can talk about in award entries.

What was the key element that made your programme successful?

We introduced the programme to change company culture. To achieve this, we introduced a new set of six core values to motivate staff to be the best they could be and encompass this ethos as the main programme premise. This was a great way to kick start the programme.

But to encourage employee engagement which drove programme success, we incorporated a variety of different ways staff could be recognised – peer to peer nominations, e-cards, suggestion schemes, birthday bonus and long service. Plus kept it lively and interesting with competitions such as Fantasy Football.

Having this variety and visibility of achievements with thanks to the Wall of Fame, worked well at creating recognition and gratitude amongst peers and worked equally well across territories and departments.

This constant source of recognition creates a feel-good factor amongst employees and a positive attitude and team culture, that BetVictor were striving to achieve for their business.

What is the biggest lesson you learned through running your programme? 

Keep it relevant and personalised to the audience. As the BetVictor main office is based in Gibraltar, any reward orders placed from there were issued with restrictions due to the location or took a long time to arrive. To overcome this and keep engagement high, vouchers were introduced for local businesses instead, along with prepaid cards, which gave immediacy to the reward.

With this new and tailored approach, BetVictor could award vouchers and see them redeemed the very same day giving credibility and kudos to the scheme. And being very popular with the employees as the rewards were relevant to their environment.

Also, in terms of reward choice, Corporate Social Responsibility is an important company objective for BetVictor, so incorporating a local charity of choice within the reward offering was a big hit.

Do you think you will be back as a winner next year

Never say never!

In terms of BetVictor, this programme has grown from strength to strength, so we’re looking forward to seeing where we can take it, improving on current success.



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