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We wanted to take a look back at last year’s winners, CR Worldwide

CR Worldwide won the best incentive travel programme with their HPE ‘Power Up’ Incentive to Cape Town.

We caught up with David Gould, CEO CR Worldwide to talk more about their win.

How did you hear about the Incentive Awards?

We first heard about the concept and proposition of the Incentive Awards as we’re an IMA Europe member. But subsequent to that, the detail of the categories and criteria we gathered through the email and social media campaigns.

What award did you win?

We were delighted to have won and to have been presented with two prestigious awards: ‘Best Incentive Travel Programme’ and ‘Best Place to Work’.

We were also finalists for ‘Best Use of Technology’.

Could you tell us about your entry and how you showcased yourselves?

Our award entries were individually written responding to the category criteria, then showcased within creative artwork produced by our in-house design team. We wanted to bring the entry to life by demonstrating to the Judges our offering and to help them to immerse themselves with our proposition through imagery.

Were you confident in your entry?

We were confident in our award submissions because we know the strength of our technology, events and company.  We felt we answered and surpassed the criteria required, so we were confident that our award submissions would do well.

Do you have any tips for entering awards in general?

Share your passion and illustrate your uniqueness and what sets your product or brand apart from the rest. Share innovations and point of differences, to explain why your business do things differently which makes them award worthy.

What would you say to anyone who isn’t sure whether to enter?

Why haven’t you entered?! Your industry peers are celebrating their success, so why wouldn’t you want to be part of the action too?

What has happened to your business over the last 12 months since winning the award?

Our business has seen further sales growth, more technology innovations, people development and workplace environment improvements. We strive to make employees feel valued at work everyday in a recognition-rich culture. We innovate so we can push our clients to realise their ambitions and objectives. We are also consciously looking at how we impact the world and becoming more sustainable. Having the strength of the award-wins push us to achieve more.

What are your standout memories from the Incentive Awards 2019?

For us, we have several highlights from the evening. Not only was it great to have so many of our peers in one room to connect, network and converse, it was fantastic to celebrate all the talent and innovation within the incentive and motivation industry.

Our company Founder and Chairman, Sean Wilkinson,  presented the Lifetime Achievement award, so we celebrated one industry icon within another.

And the steak – how good was that?!

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