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We wanted to focus on a NEW category for 2020 that’s been getting a lot of interest, the Best Service Provider.

This category was created as a way to recognise some of the people and businesses that really excel in areas that might not fit in with our other awards. Whilst we of course have the coveted company of the year and the best programme in a range of areas (health and wellbeing, reward and recognition, incentive travel, channel partner and prepaid) this is a stand out award that sits in the ‘People’ category.

So what are we looking for?

This award is open to all business areas, but particularly the service and support teams that help external customers to achieve their business goals, whether it’s for a small number of specialists or for many thousands of customers.

The judges are looking for you to demonstrate that your team understands the importance of every facet of delivering excellent service and support and will be looking for those

submissions that clearly reflect how your team, or product works together in providing a fantastic service for your customers and the vital role you play in ensuring your customers’ organisational objectives and visions are met.

We hope that this award will shine a light on the people or businesses that support the incentive sector, and we can’t wait to see the entries.

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