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Related Inc. build tailor-made loyalty rewards coupled with cutting-edge technologies to serve as the ever-evolving bond between you and your customers.

Related is a martech agency that provides tailor-made loyalty and reward solutions, bringing brands closer to their customers and forging an enduring loyalty. In our work, we leverage our extensive cross-industry knowledge and execution expertise, along with our advanced technology and merchant network to bring you a one-stop-shop for all loyalty program needs.

We believe there are three key pillars to achieving better customer relationships: Relevance, Attractiveness and Timing. By understanding customer data, we are able to achieve each of the 3 pillars; therefore, elevating the customer experience and brand loyalty.

We also believe that loyalty and reward programs should be aligned with a greater purpose, so we created the motto, “Rewards with a Purpose”. We incorporate methods and solutions that incentivize and inspire customers to play an active role, whether by increasing the contribution of citizens to a national cause, incentivizing customers to increase their spending and engagement with a brand or simply providing rewards to increase customers’ saving on their purchases.