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South Africa based The Incentive Company scooped this years much contested Best Use of Technology Award, we chat with Debbie Ghillino, Chief Happiness Officer about what this means to her team their client Dell.

Is there anyone you would like to single out for recognition for their contribution to the award?

Our entire team work together to create magic for our clients and participants. However, we do need to single out our Happiness Architect, Catharine Parsons, for her amazing dedication to ensuring that the programmes she runs for this client always achieve fantastic results, and her incredible attitude to customer service – she never falters! Also, our Data Dynamo, Erna Swanepoel, needs to be recognised for her tenacity and devotion to analysing results and attention to detail, always trying to squeeze those extra rewards out for the participants.

How did the client contribute to the winning of this award?

Our amazing client gives us great flexibility and the freedom to come up with creative solutions that constantly innovate and challenge the previous quarter. In addition, she doesn’t accept mediocrity, which makes us think two steps ahead.

What was the key element that made your programme successful?

We believe that the fun nature of the programme, the friendly avatar created and multiple mediums that we engaged the participants with kept the programme fresh and relevant.

We used numerous touch points and opportunities to win.

What is the biggest lesson you learned through running your programme?

That its important to have fun, engage the audience and keep things fresh and interesting with relevant updates along the way.

Also, that you should never be scared to try new technology and innovate.





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