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Amazing Technology

Encompassing all that is progressive and innovative in the ever developing world of technology. The technology award categories showcase revolutionary solutions that power many of the amazing incentive programmes that are in place around the Globe. These category winners offer the best intelligent, resilient and secure solutions that are available today.

1. Best use of Technology in a Programme

The judges are looking for technological solutions that have powered a recognition, engagement, sales or travel programme. Judges will be seeking evidence that the technology offers a genuine solution, takes an all-encompassing approach and ultimately enhances the overall programme. The technology must have been operational during Jan 2020 to June 2021

2. Best Technology Provider 

Awarded to an innovative product or solution that has delivered measurable benefit for business users, customers or channel partners in areas such as, software programme development, mobile, engagement platforms, app development and SaaS solutions will all be considered as suitable.

The technology must have been operational during Jan 2020 to June 2021

3. Application of Technology during Covid

After an extremely challenging year which has resulted in the majority of employees working from home. This new award looks at how technologies have been adapted or launched to ensure that teams or individuals continue to feel engaged with their employer and colleagues. Technologies that may have supported existing programmes or have assisted employees and employers in their day-to-day roles will be suitable for this category.

Judges will be looking for examples that clearly show how the technology provided supported during the pandemic. The technology must have been operational from March 2020 to June 2021.

Perfect Programmes

Designing, delivering, and evaluating the Perfect Programme is the lifeblood of the industryThese award categories provide the opportunity to showcase the Best Channel Partner, the growth of Health & Wellbeing, along with best use of Prepay, in all its various forms, and the continued evolution of Reward and Recognition programmes.

4. Best Reward & Recognition Programme

Every employee wants to know that their contribution is appreciated.

For this category judges will be looking for evidence of a programme that has met its targets in terms of creating a better understanding of its employees. Evidence of success will be not only be judged by the level of communication and engagement, but in how this information is used and how the employer, programme manager or companies’ services have been improved as a result.

This category includes programmes targeted at driving specific employee behaviours and embedding
company values using motivation and recognition techniques.

The programme must have run during the period January 2020 to June 2021

5. Best Health & Wellbeing Programme

A successful health and wellbeing programme involves investing time and resources in supporting employees’ physical and mental health, which has been paramount during the pandemic.

Judges will be looking how the programme was constructed and executed. Evidence of the insight gained, how the programme encouraged employee’s involvement, specifically what was the positive impact on mental & physical health.  Supporting information on productivity and performance of the company, including data on staff tenure, attrition rates and sickness rates.

The programme must have run during the period Jan 2020 to June 2021

6. Best Channel Partner Programme

We all know that a great channel programme that gets partners engaged can truly help grow your organization.

Associating with good channel partners can lift channel sales, aid with supporting new product launches and improve margins. Judges will be looking for nominations that clearly demonstrate the strength of the channel partner relationship, an innovative approach taken to provide a solution. Evidence that the outcomes for all parties were achieved.

The programme must have run at a point in time during January 2020 to June 2021

7. Best Use of Prepaid

With prepaid, branded gift cards and e-codes used to drive employee programmes the importance and value of a non-cash reward is well understood.

In this category the judges will be looking for innovation and real proof that the prepaid element of the programme delivered its objectives and drove the intended actions.
This category includes all forms of prepaid – from open loop to closed loop, gift cards, e-codes, digital issuers, and multi-currency solutions.

The programme must have run at a point in time during January 2020 to June 2021

Great People

Celebrating Great People and superb businesses that make this industry such a special place to operate in. We will recognise the new Youngs Guns, celebrate with the intrepid Entrepreneur of the Year, share a loud cheer with the Business of the Year and salute the Lifetime Achievement winner.

8. Industry Young Gun

This award recognises an outstanding incentive professional who is in the early stages of their career and has already made an impact in their field, achieving the respect of their colleagues and continually looking for improvements. Entries can come from individuals themselves or nominations from colleagues or others.

Entries should demonstrate:
Their early achievements and the outcomes
How they’ve made a mark on their organisation or sector
How they have been an inspiration to others and are viewed by colleagues and other stakeholders
How they’re an ambassador for their organisation and have spread their learning
Nominees must be aged 30 or under on 1 June 2021

9. Industry Entrepreneur  

The two main functions of entrepreneurs are first, taking the risk of developing new products or services and, second, successfully bringing new products and services into the marketplace. They drive innovation, create jobs, generate economic growth, and encourage creativity.
Our winner will have consistently met or exceeded challenging objectives and demonstrated a quality approach through personal values and working practices.
They will be a great example to peers or colleagues.
Be able to demonstrate that they have delivered quantifiable benefits to either their organisation, or another, and demonstrate personal growth to enhance their ability to succeed in future.
Judges will also consider the nominees record on corporate responsibility, the impact their businesses have on the environment.

10. Best Industry Service Provider

Are you a service provider to the Incentive, Reward & Recognition industry? Maybe you provide legal or financial support, a recruitment or training service, technical back up or you supply a product.  Whatever service you offer, this is your category!

Your submission should clearly reflect how your offering works together in providing a fantastic service or solution and will illustrate the vital role you play in ensuring your clients’ objectives, targets or vision is met.

11. WiiN Global Award

WiiN is a network for top female leaders, female founders and entrepreneurs in the Global Incentive and Loyalty industry.

Judges will be seeking nominations that clearly illustrate business achievements and successes, entrepreneurship and innovative solutions or approach to support and grow the industry, along with demonstrating a commitment to the networks mission. The winner of this new category will be awarded to the most inspirational and successful female founder, leader or entrepreneur. The category is applicable to WiiN Global members only, members can self-nominate or be nominated.

12. Inspirational Response

After such a challenging year where organisations and their teams have had to make so many adjustments in their day to day working lives. We want to award and recognise the organisation, team or individual that has really stood out and made a positive difference, either to their colleagues, clients or lives of others.

This award will be given to the most inspiring story, this could include activities where businesses may have pivoted as a response to the pandemic, or an individual who has made an exceptional contribution, maybe by volunteering or supporting a community or charity initiative

13. Best Place to Work in 2020

Awarded to the organisation that provides the best employment and career opportunities for employees. The winner will be an organisation that its employees view as a great place to work; that values the role of its employees, and the professionalism of the leadership team that manage and support it.

Offering career and skills development, reward and recognition for personal achievement and of course a leading reward and recognition programme!

Judges will also consider the nominees record on corporate responsibility, the impact their businesses have on the environment.

14. IMA Europe President’s Award

This award celebrates and recognises the valuable contribution that an IMA Europe Member brings to the Association or the Incentive, Reward & Recognition industry. These qualities might be demonstrated by a combination of the following:

  • Fostering the IMA Europe brand
  • Bringing new industry knowledge to the association
  • Suggesting new procedures or systems which benefit IMA Europe
  • Providing support to existing / new IMA Europe members
  • Being available, approachable, and supportive
  • Bringing entrepreneurship and innovation into our world
  • Providing dedication and leadership qualities to our industry
  • Effective communication of ideas and concepts
  • Delivering world class education
  • Displaying an inclusive and diverse culture
  • Displaying commitment to our industry is the key attribute the

President is seeking to award. In their own way the recipient of this award will have made a valuable contribution to either IMA Europe or our industry. This is a great opportunity to acknowledge those that have contributed above and beyond in raising our industry profile.

Please note that this is a none voting category, the successful recipient of this award is solely the choice of the IMA Europe President.

15. Company of the Year

To secure this prestige title – Company of the Year, the judges will look at overall company achievements, growth and future plans.

In the submission, nominees are encouraged to mention the entirety of the company’s success, which may range from demonstrated growth percentages in the form of both revenue growth and/or staff growth percentages, through innovations, in terms of technologies, innovation, first-to-market developments, company culture and policies. Social or environmental responsibility programs and contributions will also be expected. Evidence to support employee satisfaction and employee wellbeing programs as well as a focus on customer service, will add to overall company excellence.

16. Lifetime Achievement Award

This Award will recognise the business personality who best represents achievement and longevity. The award acknowledges the winner’s sustained achievements within the incentive industry during a distinguished career.

The winner will have demonstrated outstanding leadership characteristics throughout their career and inspired others to achieve similar success

Eligible nominees are those who have been actively involved in the sector community for at least 10 years by June 2021

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