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We are pleased to announce that European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is our chosen charity partner for the Incentive V-wards 2020. By waiving all nomination fees and ticket price to attend the event, we are aiming to raise a donation for the charity to support all the great work they are doing.

In Europe over the last four months the COVID-19 crisis has brought a new food emergency, with demand increasing by 50%.

FEBA’s mission is to reduce hunger and malnutrition through the fight against food waste and the support and development of food banks in countries where they are most needed.

Food Banks create value for:

  • end beneficiaries who are saving money as a result of getting food from FEBA charity members.
  • partner charities which save money and time, by receiving food for free, which they instead can re-direct to improving their services to the people they support. Food banks often offer them training.
  • companies which donate products, food banks give them the opportunity to reduce the costly disposal of their surpluses with its negative impact on the environment and on their reputation.
  • communities they live in, food banks encourage the involvement of volunteers and deliver social cohesion by facilitating cooperation between public and private organisations.

We will be publishing a link on 1 September to enable you to add your donation.


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