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Huge congratulations to the team at FMI Brand Engagement Agency for being awarded Best Incentive Travel Programme. We chat to Events Director Dave Ball about their much deserved win for their Wild About Huawei campaign.

Is there anyone you would like to single out for recognition for their contribution to the award?

The team at FMI are thrilled to have been recognised for their work in the incentive travel arena.  Our team are exactly that, a team and as cliché as it sounds no one person can be attributed to the success of this campaign. Everyone played their part, from the person who came up with the initial ideas, to the creative who developed the concept, to the one who ran the numbers, to the person who actually put the trip together and went onsite and hosted it. We all know what part we need to play and I believe we play it well.

How did the client contribute to the winning of this award?

Our telecoms client Three UK put their trust in FMI to create and execute a group travel incentive that would be highly engaging whilst rewarding the very best of their call centre sales staff. Our ongoing partnership with both Three UK and the manufacturer, Huawei, ensured the detail was meticulously planned, communication flowed throughout the project planning and budget was maximised effectively.  Our client had the trust in us to deliver, the faith that we knew how and the confidence that we would do it well.

What was the key element that made your programme successful?

Travel affords you the luxury of experiencing different cultures. An incentive trip allows you to showcase to the attendee the best of a destination in a safe, comfortable and affordable way.

Choosing a destination that you know will excite from the start, that allows you to tease throughout with great creative is only part of the success. Knowing your audience, what they like and won’t like, what they will and won’t eat is as important as choosing the right hotel and activities.

This was the first incentive I’ve operated where we had 100% attendance on all dinners and activities. Why? Because we got the balance right between the organised excursions and free-time.

What is the biggest lesson you learned through running your programme?

You don’t need big budgets to deliver a successful programme or event. Sometimes it can be the smallest things that have the biggest impact.  Dancing under the stars around an open fire with the locals, seeing a pride of lions in the wild for the first time or just trying something new, it is the experiences that make it memorable.  You just need to come up with something that people haven’t done before that you know will have a lasting memory for those on the trip.



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