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Introducing another of our amazing shortlisted companies Boost Loyalty, the Best Health & Wellbeing category.


For over 30 years Boost is a leading company servicing Loyalty programs and Collectibles campaigns.  We develop and manage large-scale reward and savings programs for leading brands, B2B companies, and retailers.

Our marketing campaigns stimulate long-term relationships between clients and shoppers. We also carry out B2C reward programs, B2B sales incentives and point redemption schemes and B2E employee benefit programs.


Our point redemption programs seek to influence shoppers’ behavior by rewarding loyal customers with effective incentives and building profitable relationships with them. We offer a wide range of savings programs aimed at different groups of shoppers.


We develop attractive best-of-class collectibles’ promotions for leading retailers and brands. We design, produce, distribute and promote must-have items that appeal to young and old alike. Our involvement begins at the drawing board, ends on the shop floor, and seeks to create a buzz among shoppers. Our customers benefit as we help attract new shoppers and increase levels of spending and visits immediately. An mobile app can strengthen a promotion even more.

Boost Group keeps expanding in Europe because of increasing business opportunities, client request and campaigns. Last year Boost also opened a Russian office. Boost Group now has offices in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, France and Italy.


Together with Boost Group, WWF International plans to develop environmentally sound collectibles promotions that heighten awareness for sustainable interactions with Planet Earth. These promotions enable children to playfully experience nature and the environment through thematic merchandise articles. EDEKA’s “Unser Wald” (“Our Forest”) is acknowledged as one of the most successful examples.

Boost Group will develop additional concepts for the European market during the next years. This full-service provider in the fields of marketing and sales promotion can rely on expertise and content from the WWF network. Together with WWF International and selected retailers, children’s enthusiasm will be sparked in supermarkets and their interest will be sustainably focused on the topics of nature and the environment.

This collaboration offers obvious advantages for retailers: collectibles promotions with WWF International strengthen the concept of sustainability and, in the context of the loyalty program, assure that today’s children – who will soon be tomorrow’s customers – experience a playful introduction and cultivate an enduring commitment to the themes of the environment, nature, and animals.

“We are very glad that WWF International has decided to plan and conduct upcoming collectibles promotions with us. I think the activities with EDEKA and COOP were especially convincing in this context,” says Boost Group’s CEO Mario Schwegler. “Now the task is to develop additional exciting concepts that motivate boys and girls to collect, while simultaneously embedding educational content focusing on our planet and the environment. We see ourselves as the right partner for this project and we look forward to the exciting challenges that lie ahead.”


After two years of successful cooperation and the execution of multiple Kids Collectibles Campaigns, the emoji company, owner of the registered emoji® trademark and creator of more than 17.000 icons, patterns and stickers for commercial use, signed an exclusive partnership for Loyalty Programs with Boost for Europe and Russia.


Since 2017, both parties work together with the goal to achieve tangible results for retailers. The unique combination of top of mind awareness from daily usage of emoji® brand icons, high quality toys and rewarding products, have shown outstanding results and have set new benchmarks in the retail markets.


Boost developed a full solution range for instant reward programs and loyalty programs. Collectible emoji® brand products for kids like figurines, sticker cards, bouncing balls and 25 other options are ready based on extensive consumer research for Europe and Russia. In addition, Boost continuously expands its assortment of reward products for Food & Nutrition, Cooking, Lifestyle, Outdoor and Sports for a wider target audience


“We are happy with the partnership with the emoji company as this gives us the freedom to strategically develop high impact assortments for retailers. The emoji® brand license enables us to build tailormade programs with the option to connect the promotion to products across all important categories”. This partnership is unique as most of the other license options are very limited by tight regulations or very narrow target group coverage.”  states Mario Schwegler, CEO of Boost Group.

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