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To celebrate all the amazing businesses and incredible individuals short-listed for this years’ Incentive Awards, we will be publishing a series of introductions to each and everyone of them. We would like to introduce Carrefour who have been shortlisted in the Best Use of Prepaid


Carrefour operates more than 12,000 stores and e-commerce sites in more than 30 countries. Carrefour is a multi-local, multi-format and omni-channel retail Group that employs more than 360 000 people worldwide and generated 84.91 billion euros sales incl.VAT under its banners in 2018. The Group is active in Italy with more than 1080 stores in 18 Italian regions.
Carrefour Italy, embracing the “ Act for Food” mission launched by the Group in 2017, is actively committed for food transition, sustaining biological products, defending local producers, promoting gastronomic excellences and providing valuable services to our customers.


Carrefour Italia is very active in promoting the development of prepaid in Italy, that we consider one of our most valuable service. We strongly believe that prepaid is not only a payment tool but it is a mean to create loyalty and to engage consumers. When we launched our brand new closed loop card in 2017, we created an influencer marketing campaign that hit 1M views in just 2 weeks (click here the link to the video).
The goal was reaching and educating consumers in a new entertaining way placing prepaid at the core of the message.  At the same time, Carrefour Italy created a dedicated b2b office fully focused on product and sales development. The office aim is to provide a flexible product to our b2b clients for their welfare programs, incentive campaign and corporate rewards.
We are so deeply convinced of the outstanding advantages of using prepaid that we promote the adoption of this tool in Carrefour promotional activities like contests, short collections, loyalty catalogue and so on. Carrefour Gift Cards and Carrefour Shopping vouchers are one of the most appreciated rewards in self-promoted engagement activities.


One of the aims of Carrefour Italy is speeding up the road to digitalization and certainly prepaid tools are on the way. Digital wallet, omnichannel payment systems integrated with loyalty are the next goals to create an engaging experience during the shopping journey. Driving customers to stores and creating a long lasting relationship is not just a matter of offering them quality products at the lowest price, but to provide them the most qualitative experience.

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