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Motisha®, the white label recognition & incentive company has seen a banner year, achieving incredible growth & securing deployments in a significant number of the Fortune 500. “We’re currently in planning mode for 2020” says Fintan Connolly, Motisha CRO & we want to continue this momentum, building on our track record as thought leaders within the engagement industry. We kicked off 2019 identifying key strategic partnership opportunities as part of our 3 year global sales expansion plan. It’s been an incredible few months and we’ve been very lucky to develop some new partnerships across the US & Europe and most recently in South America.”

“We feel we can bring something distinct to our select partners”, says Connolly, “through the Motisha® Cloud”. There is an intrinsic link between organisational culture, the employee & employer brand and indeed customer experience. We need to look at the role of leadership & human resources, the role of employees in creating brand differentiation & the role of interpersonal interaction in creating the customer experience. It’s culture which is built on values and mission that provide a powerful combination. All of these are inextricably linked yet most of the solution providers in our industry offer disparate products”. “The HR solution providers that focus purely on recognition to motivate employees or the Sales & Marketing providers to lift performance & drive loyalty. Don’t get me wrong they do a good job, but we have to practice in managing the link between employees, culture & customer experience. We need to take a disciplined approach to managing the total product brand experience through the application of the same principle around values & culture.” “This will reinforce the organisations ability to deliver a distinctive & consistent experience to their people internally & externally. “Ultimately it’s about engaging people, whether they’re your employees, your sales teams, your channel partners or your customers, it’s all about engagement and THAT is the power of Motisha.”

“Take the example of “Easyway” says Connolly, a global travel provider. With our value-added partner we designed a travel agent incentive solution, engaging agents to increase sales of own brand travel products whilst elevating the customer experience.

Sales of their own travel products through it’s travel agent network is a key success factor in maintain margin & driving overall sales volume. They needed to engage their channel partners & combine sales data with customer data to provide incredible insights in to customer requirements whilst allowing their partners deliver an exceptional experience.

By using Motisha technology we were able to provide a smart all in one solution. This allowed us through various enterprise software integrations to combine multiple date sources in to a single environment and create & intuitive experience for their employees, travel agents and their customers. It’s all about engaging each person in the chain.

“The connectivity & intelligence available through Motisha technology allowed them to engage & motivate their travel agents whilst positively enhancing the customer experience to the end user”

If you’d like to talk or understand what Motisha partners do for their customers, reach out to [email protected]  or find us on LinkedIn.

About Motisha

Motisha® empowers organisations across the world by providing the tools to help them inspire the human spirit by engaging One Customer, One Employee and One Partner at a time. Motisha® provides innovative quick-connect integration options for faster “go to market” solutions. Through the Motisha® Cloud suite of products, partners can easily create a sales incentive programme, customer loyalty programme or employee recognition programme. Motisha® Cloud is a white label software engine for local & global companies seeking to create high performing programmes for their clients. Motisha® was founded in 2002 and has helped some of the world’s most admired companies recognise their positivity & creativity. Motisha® is headquartered in Bruges, Belgium.

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