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What did it mean to your colleagues and clients to secure Best Technology Provider or Solution and Best Industry Service Provider at the 2020 Incentive Awards?

It feels incredible to have our efforts recognised by people outside of the day to day activities, especially when it is by industry experts in their fields. These two awards are a validation of the tireless work that has gone into our product, our projects and of course, the brand.

Our whole team enthusiastically shared in this achievement, while our amazing clients celebrated this recognition and the halo effect it had on them. It’s one thing for you to know how great your brand is, it’s another for the world to feel the same towards it too!

What do you feel have been the benefits of winning these awards?
There have been countless benefits for scoring these two awards. Most importantly, the win has boosted our employee motivation. Our team is now focused on what’s great about the company they work for and ultimately feel proud to be a part of it.

Moreover, winning has cultivated our credibility even further. The awards gave a seal of approval to our activities, which is a sign of quality for potential customers. It has also helped improve our relationships with suppliers and differentiated our company from competitors; one of the best ways to help clients visualize success with your product is to share success stories with them.

What would you say to other companies that may be considering submitting a nomination for the Incentive Awards 2021?
We’d definitely tell them to take a leap of faith. Today’s business environment demands that we quickly move onto the next job or project; however, an award submission creates an opportunity for the whole team to examine their work. For us at Related, the whole process allowed us to review our projects from a fresh perspective.

Submitting a nomination could also be a great team building exercise. It got our team’s creative juices flowing and reminded everyone that we’re actually doing something special or have achieved things that make us proud. Even though people seldom create brands for recognition, it’s really important that we recognise and acknowledge the great work and immense effort that goes into building them. We know we had a brilliant experience at the Incentive Awards and would love to see others explore this beautiful journey!

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