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Congratulations to the team at Related Inc for securing the inaugural Best Service Provider Award 2020. We chat with Rabih Farhat, Related Inc. Founder & Managing Partner about their success and future plans.

Is there anyone you would like to single out for recognition for their contribution to the award?
We can’t take out the involvement of our client in any success we achieve. We believe that real innovation is a collective effort between agencies who dream big and clients who understand their customers’ needs and share with them the same vision and objectives. Our vision at Related Inc. would not have become reality without the huge commitment and active contribution from our clients.

What are the key elements that make your business successful?

We’ve always believed that reward programs need to be aligned with a greater purpose, and that made us create solutions that incentivise and inspire customers to play an active role in their daily life and society at large.

What future plans for Related.Inc would you like to share?

Loyalty programs are in a constant state of change and development, mainly due to customer behavioral changes. And with the recent hit that global economies have suffered, building communities and ecosystems around the brand is a reasonable next step for many companies, not just Related Inc. And making sure this ecosystem is aligned with a greater purpose will be fundamental for our business moving forward. Besides, we’ll definitely be investing in an even more solid data-driven base for personalized customer experience, through smart technology predictive models.

What does this award win mean to the team?

The region has been witnessing some very rough and uncertain times that have affected businesses directly, including ours. So, this award came at the right time to show us that hard work coupled with a resilient spirit pays off. This award is a great encouragement for us to continue helping brands to move into a more genuine and seamless relationship with customers. It’s also a push to keep innovating and creating a higher purpose for rewards programs.


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