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Do you work at the Best Company? Do you believe that nowhere else is as great as your business?

If so, it’s time to make it official.

Is the business growing, with exciting plans and innovative ideas, with a great culture and focus on wellbeing and CSR? Do employees love their mission and do customers become loyal advocates?

If you believe you have or know the workplace of the future with an enviable story of growth and development, tell the world with a nomination for our prestigious title of Company of The Year.

We’re looking for that special company that manages to blend employee satisfaction and employee wellbeing with unbeatable customer service, reflected in sales or growth, for overall company excellence that’s unrivalled.

It could be any company, of any size, in any sector. Whether you sell widgets or wardrobes, tech, or t-shirts, it doesn’t matter. We’re looking for that special something that goes beyond product and instead is part of the fabric of the business itself.

Look at the criteria today and submit your entry. We can’t wait to see the nominations!



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