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Winning at the Incentive Awards could Boost your profile! Don’t believe us? Ask Boost – who won last year at the Incentive Awards. We caught up with Lucien Diepstraten to tell us more.

How did you hear about the Incentive Awards?

We were alerted by Gunther Everaert, CEO of Motisha, one of our IT-partners.

What award did you win? 

With Boost we did nominate “Samen Gezond” case, an ongoing loyalty programme we are servicing for our client Menzis, one of bigger health insurers in The Netherlands.

With this case we won the Award for Best Health & Wellbeing programme.

Could you tell us about your entry and how you showcased yourselves? 

In fact it wasn’t very difficult for us to bring in a good showcase as “Samen Gezond” program is a proven successful loyalty concept in Health & Wellbeing market with an appealing experience for over 400.000 customers.
As we involved the whole dedicated project team to give input for this nomination we had a lot of input and it was harder to omit than to submit topics.

Were you confident in your entry? 

Yes absolutely as “Samen Gezond” is a rapidly growing program, very innovative with very good scores on participation and conversion.

And the ambition of the program is of course very nice as we encourage people for a healthier way of living.

As we achieved an explosive increase of active users enthusiastically joining the program, fanatic earning and redeeming points we felt confident in our entry.

Do you have any tips for entering awards in general?

We recommend to involve your client contact persons as well and use their quotes in your testimonial.

What would you say to anyone who isn’t sure whether to enter?

Incentive Awards is a very good platform to profile your company and to measure yourself against other companies in the market.

What has happened to your business over the last 12 months since winning the award?

Boost is a solid, rapidly growing company in loyalty area, covering the whole of Europe.

Last year we have welcomed some new big clients in both B2C and B2B loyalty markets.

We can’t prove that winning award was an accelerator but definitely it was a compliment and confirmation of our professional approach in loyalty business.

What are your standout memories from the Incentive Awards 2019?

It was great first time joining the Incentive Awards event in beautiful One Moorgate Place London and we are absolutely proud to be one of the winners in such a highly competitive industry.

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