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  1. What did it mean to you, your colleagues and client to secure Best Use of Technology in a Programme award at the 2020 Incentive Awards?

It was an incredible honour, especially as we always believe that because we are at the bottom of Africa, we are behind the rest of the world, so it was wonderfully affirming that what we are doing is relevant and top notch, deserving of an award where we were up against amazing companies.

My colleagues all stood a bit taller, and basked in the glow that recognition brings, and our client was celebrated for her best practice and successful incentive. Our only sadness was that we couldn’t celebrate in person. But we did all get to watch the show, including our client, which was great!

  1. What do you feel have been the benefits of winning the award?

The recognition from the industry was extremely humbling and created lots of warm and fuzzies for the team.

Being able to use the winners banner in all our emails resulted in lots of awareness from clients and suppliers in the first few months which was so lovely. Also being able to include a slide in our creds presentations about the award have been brilliant.

We always take the time to have a little brag about our win! As a young company, it really brought credibility to our offering and grew the business with the client who we won the award with.

It has also driven the team to create bigger and better tech and to push the limits even further – we plan on entering again this year, as once again we are proud of our accomplishments!

  1. What would you say to other companies that maybe considering submitting a nomination for the Incentive Awards 2021?

GO FOR IT!! We didn’t think we stood a chance, being a small, fairly new and independent company. We loved our tech solution, but weren’t sure how it fared against the bigger, more established companies.

We did believe wholeheartedly in what we had created, and had the great results from the client to prove the success of the incentive, so decided to put ourselves out there.

Its quite a brave thing to do – it opens you up to failure. But we always stand on the edge of something tough and ask ourselves – ‘but what if we fall? And answer – aah, but what if we fly?’

Don’t hesitate – enter, and enjoy the experience of re-living the incentive and celebrating your outcomes.

Deadline to submit nominations for the 2021 Incentive Awards is Thursday 9 September

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