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Tell us all about The Gift Club, how did it come about? What are the benefits of joining?
The pandemic was the birthplace era of The Gift Club. I’d been thinking about it for a couple of years, planning it in my head but never got round to doing anything about it because I was also running a recruitment company that I had dedicated to the gift card and incentive world too so time was pretty much non existent!  And when recruitment went on hold for a while as companies decided how to work through the crisis, this is when I found that time I didn’t have.

The 25 years in recruitment and then working in this space for the past 6 years, has allowed me to build a large community of decision makers and leaders many of whom are in Europe, the US and the UK. Many have asked me for help with introductions to contacts from one side of the world to the other which is how it dawned on me that there wasn’t a central place where companies in this space could find each other, globally.

Joining The Gift Club as a member offers companies who are associated with the gift card, incentives and loyalty industry, an alternative marketing solution to their current methods. We regularly promote members to our growing global community through our supplier directory, SEO activities, newsletter, job board and social platforms. With 1000s of subscribes and 100s of followers who are all in this space, the opportunities to get noticed are huge.

Given your background in recruiting, what are your thoughts on the transition into hybrid working, how will this affect companies recruiting in the future? 
I don’t think companies quite understand the positive impact this will have on their recruitment process and finding great talent. Hybrid working has always been around the corner, but we just weren’t ready to move so fast!  Interview techniques must change to start with and I’ve recently written an article on interview techniques in a Hybrid workplace – read more 

Being someone that has been previously Shortlisted for an Incentive Award, what are the benefits of submitting a nomination? What would you say to someone that is considering nominating? Firstly, I was proud to be shortlisted as Company of the Year and Entrepreneur of The Year in 2019. Gift Card Recruitment was a new supplier to the industry and had great traction (simply because there was no other recruitment company offering what we offered) so I wasn’t afraid to show how proud we were to have come so far.  Even though we didn’t win in either category, it created some brand awareness for a few months before and our names were in lights during the fabulous event itself.  What is more, I’ve been using it as a selling point to enhance our credibility ever since as it is still a great achievement. I am definitely going to nominate The Gift Club this year!

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