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Tell us about Reloadly, what’s your story?

In 2017, I was living in Miami when I decided to reconnect with a former employee and close friend, Emmanuel Piard. Emmanuel and I shared a lot in common: both of us are originally from Haiti, and, as a result of that upbringing, we both intimately understand the pain of maintaining a prepaid balance on your phone to stay connected. This common experience underscored for us the daily necessity of mobile top-ups that emerging markets like Haiti still struggle with meeting today.

We got to talking about how the cloud API industry was making big moves, but lamented that major disruption had yet to truly arrive in the global telecom market. The telcos and their traditional airtime distributors were still operating the same way they did 20 years ago. It was a business model that was full of complexities and depended on outdated technology that prevented them from being able to scale to digital channels. This couldn’t stand.

In 2018, Emmanuel and I decided to start a new company to shake up the status quo. Reloadly was born out of frustration to disrupt the airtime, data bundles and digital goods industry by offering a plug-and-play solution for developers with a no-contract transparent system.

Instead, we would build simple open APIs and developer tools that better enable companies and developers around the world to connect with their telcos. We’d not only make our technology easy to trial and access; we wanted to also focus our solution around solving problems and pain points from the developers’ perspective.

How top-ups and digital goods APIs can help to increase business revenue?

The digital goods and top-up API industry offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses. Mobile credit benefits different kinds of users and not just local, but international. It is especially useful for emerging markets and immigrants looking for ways to communicate easily with their related ones. These are also some ways a top-up and digital goods API platform can increase revenue:

• Reduce the churn rate. Reducing churn in the telecom industry can be done by introducing new incentive marketing strategies. In emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, mobile rewards have become the most important weapon to reduce churn in the industry, and consequently, generate more revenue.
• Achieve new markets. By enabling mobile payment APIs, a business is able to connect with operators and providers worldwide with one single integration. If a business is able to reach the 5.22 billion prepaid phones, this supposes a good strategy to become global and increase revenue.
• Increase productivity. An easy, flexible and simple API integration allows saving time, effort and money, which is going to increase the team productivity and put more effort in what really matters: increasing revenue.
• Incentives & rewards. The magic of a top-up API is that it could be integrated with many systems and platforms, such as crypto wallets, social media platforms, mobile gaming studios, NGOs, digital research firms, gambling companies, HR platforms…

What are the benefits of implementing an Airtime API in an incentives strategy?

Incentivizing through airtime top-ups is a low-cost tactic that works specifically well in emerging markets where prepaid plans dominate whether or not all the population has access to a bank account. Allowing people to be connected in hard-to-reach areas is always a good plan.

How Reloadly’s APIs can help Incentive & Rewards programs?

In recent years, technology has radically changed the face of customer engagement. More specifically, many businesses’ incentives and rewards programs have cleverly incorporated technology to automate operational elements, increase loyalty and allow for brand awareness.

Tell us a real incentives & rewards use case using Reloadly APIs

One of our customers, ClipClaps, is a social media network that rewards users for sharing short videos. The company uses Reloadly to build delightful social media rewards. Before integrating with Reloadly, ClipClaps’ social media rewards were distributed only as cash payouts. But many of ClipClaps’ users don’t have access to PayPal, the main tool that ClipClaps used to distribute its social media rewards program. They need to find a new way to deliver rewards to users in regions with large underbanked populations. and by integrating the Reloadly airtime API, ClipClaps now is able to continue to offer social media rewards even to those users that have no ready access to modern banking.

What can you access by integrating with Reloadly?

Reloadly provides you with a user Portal and Rest API that allow you to connect seamlessly to hundreds of operators worldwide and send airtime, data bundles, gift cards, and digital goods around the world.

Why is Reloadly better?

We truly believe that Reloadly is the best API for digital goods including mobile airtime, data bundles, gift cards, utility payments and more. Here are the main reasons to back our bold statement.

• By developing a Native Could API platform, the user experience and user interface are much more enjoyable. We spent over 90 days going back and forth with our UI/UX tests

• We offer next-generation technology: our innovative and flexible APIs are able in 14 different code languages and are backed by extensive documentation and video tutorials. Besides this, we are the only company that provides SDKs in the industry and also we provide our clients with customizable HTML Widget and plugins

• World’s top mobile operators all in one place, with local top-up values available in 50 countries and over 5.22 billion prepaid mobile phones.

• One single dashboard to control everything. Our portal allows managing gift cards, top-ups and prepaid utilities in one place.

• Security is important to us: we offer 2FA, IP whitelisting, redundant cloud data centers in 5 regions plus best practices to protect the accounts.

How do Reloadly users receive commission?

Every top-up sent generates a commission based on the % discount that each operator provides on the Pricing page on the user Portal. For every transaction, we deduct your wallet from the cost of the transaction minus the commission generated. There’s no need to withdraw money from Reloadly, as the customer handles how and when to add balance to the Reloadly wallet, making use of their commissions for future top-ups.

What are the different payment options available to fund the Reloadly Wallet?
As of now, Reloadly offers four payment options on the user portal:
• Credit cards
• PayPal
• Zelle/ wire transfer
• Bitcoin

How to check and understand the reports?
All of the top-ups and gift card transactions plus the user’s payment history will appear on the Reloadly Portal page under the “My Reports” tab.
There are three options under this tab, Airtime Transactions, Gift card Transactions and Payment History. For the MNP lookup transaction reports, it’s possible to find them on the Reloadly Portal page under the “Number Lookup” tab.


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